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djk-Bluevoice BETA
djk-Bluevoice BETA v.0.1 Platforms: Java (J2ME)
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Version: 0.1
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Added: 2008 Jan 16
Updated: 2008 Jan 30
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Nokia 6600 compatible version Java (J2ME)


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This is a BETA version.

The application alows you to detect all bluetooh compatible devices in your area. The found devices are identified by type (phone, pc, peripherall, audio/video, misc, etc.).
The application also shows you a lot of useful informations about your own bluetooth device and some informations about the device that communicate with.
You can send voice messages by using 1,3-keys (start/stop talking). You can restrict the access to your own device using 5-key.
To use this application with succes, you must have on your device "java bluetooth api - jsr82" and you must be able to play amr voice content "java media API - jsr135".

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