Bagaimana Cara membuka Linksys WRT54G

The Linksys WRT54G

Antenna removal

Antenna removal is easy on most Linksys 802.11 routers. Just unscrew both antenna from the main router unit.

Removing the case

Forcefully pinching the front case on the Linksys WRT54G separates the front cover from the unit's rear compartment. Removal requires that a tamper-proof sticker (bottom right) be separated from the case. Breaking the seal, of course, voids the manufacturer's warranty.

The front cover removed

Here you can see the front cover of the WRT54G removed from the main unit. Note the warranty-voiding protective seal toward the bottom left.

The circuit board

Removing the front cover reveals the WRT54G circuit board. The LEDs display power, DMZ, WLAN, Ethernet port and Internet status, while the pushbutton enables Linksys' Secure Easy Setup.

Secure Easy Setup

The pushbutton, typically hidden behind the Linksys front panel, enables Secure Easy Setup.

Main circuit board

The main board hosts numerous circuits, the radio antennae connectors, Ethernet ports, the Broadcom CPU that powers the unit and Hynix RAM, among other items. Note that the main board is still attached to the unit's plastic bottom.

The main circuit board

Here's the main circuit board removed from the bottom panel. Note the capacitors (circled in red). The capacitors should be flat on top, as shown here. Rounded or leaking tops are a sign the unit suffered an electrical surge and needs to be replaced.

The bottom panel

Wireless connections sprout from the main board, circled in red here. Note the first wireless antenna connection is integrated to the main board.

The main circuits

Circled on top are the Broadcom CPU that powers the Linksys WRT54G, as well as the Hynix RAM module. Below are various microchips that help manage the unit's firewall, routing and network features.

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