Blocking Netcut for Linux - TuxCut 5.0 released

I’m pleased to announce the 5th   release  of TuxCut , this release come with a few enhancement and some new features , also a fix of some issues in the last release
Set the default language to Arabic and you can change it to English like this.

Speed limiter enable you to browse internet comfortably while downloading or uploading big files (Doesn’t work in fedora as no “wondershaper” package available in fedora repos).

you can select between your interface cards

in the previous version , a problem sometimes appear and it is that the application couldn’t detect the gateway MAC address , that may be an additional security feature in some routers , so if you got this problem before , the new TuxCut will work but the protection mode will not be available.
The new packages are available in the Download section ….. ENJOY :)

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