Why Linux Mint Is Better Than Ubuntu (8 Reason)

Ubuntu is making its presence known in all gadgets including tablets, smartphones as well as televisions. Over time, Ubuntu has changed quite a bit and managed to find its spot as the topmost user-friendly distributions in the FOSS world. But apart from Ubuntu, there are other user-friendly distributions like Fedora and openSUSE, which are meant especially for end-users. Among them the best is Linux Mint. Many Linux users are considering this to be a better alternative to Ubuntu. Here are some reasons why one must switch or try out Linux Mint.

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Offers Wider Choice – Linux Mint gives its users two choices for desktops - MATE and Cinnamon. It ensures that its users can opt either for a modern desktop or a more traditional desktop. Ubuntu, on the other hand, offers a completely modern desktop for every user.

User-friendly Desktop - Linux Mint has a standard desktop interface which has been designed to offer its users great ease while switching from one operating system to another. Its user interface is simple, fast, and elegant.

An Improved Ubuntu - Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and claims to offer all the great features of Ubuntu in a friendly way. Ubuntu allows you to easily download applications like Steam or Dropbox which cannot be achieved with other distributions.

Better Artwork - Linux Mint has an appealing artwork. It not only offers a new set of wallpapers, it also offers good themes adding glamour to your desktop. Overall the desktop design is very simple and good to look at.

Customizable – Linux Mint allows its user to customize. It allows its user to download and create their own themes. Leaving aside this you can also adjust the position and size of the panels.

GNOME 3 Improved – The Mint desktop has all the traditional features but also has latest features of modern desktops as it has been constructed using GNOME 3 putting it at par with other modern desktops.

Not Mobile-Oriented - Mint makes sure that its users are not left with a desktop that is not mobile oriented.

The Latest Applications - Linux Mint comes with all the features like Firefox, Thunderbird, and the latest kernel in every release. It can play MP3s and other restricted formats making it a complete desktop operating system.

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