Make Your Brain Productive Time : 10 Websites Will Help You

Are you someone who has lately been spending ample of time online, clicking from links to links, accessing social networks and what not? How about doing some productive browsing and feeding your brain with some knowledge. Yes, web is a huge treasure of knowledge and intelligence if you know the right places to visit, so here are 10 websites that can make you online time worth spending!

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1. Learn new and amazing facts every day.

2. Read poems by classical poets.

3. Learn about anything and everything from this world and contribute what you know.

4. Love books? This is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. One can create their own virtual bookshelf here.

5. Again for book lovers. Get into this online book store and grab a new book to read.

6. A subsidiary of Discovery Communications which is an award-winning source for credible and easy-to-understand explanations of various things in the world actually work like. Car engines to search engines, cell phones to stem cells and what not, HowStuffWorks covers everything.

7. Step-by-step instructions to learn to go about anything and everything.

8. A brilliant, popular and recommended tool to let you test and bring out your brain’s full potential. Irrespective of your age and background, you will end up enhancing memory and attention, with web-based personalized training programs.

9. A non-profit website owned and operated by the United Nations World Food Program which gives a vocab challenge which donates rice to the needy for every question that you get right.

10. Quick and intelligent way to improve your vocabulary.

Atithya Amaresh, EFYTIMES News Network

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