Trick Paly With Whatsapp

Trick Paly With Whatsapp
Instant messaging has played a big role in the Android ecosystem with more and more apps coming up everyday. The undisputed leader in the market though is WhatsApp, which allows you to chat with friends across borders and within for free, just as long as you have internet. The Facebook-owned IM is leading its competitors by a huge margin. But while you may be using WhatsApp, are you sure you know its tricks? See if you knew these!

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1. How To Install WhatsApp On Mobile Without Mobile Number

There are three steps for doing this,

- First make sure that your device is connected to the internet using the modem or the WiFi. Use the internet connection to download WhatsApp from the Play Store.

- Next you will be presented with the welcome screen. Follow the instructions that show on your screen until it asks you to confirm your mobile number.

- Put in a different mobile number and wait for Whats App to tell you that verification has failed. You will have to wait for 15 minutes or so before you get the text message on the mobile. Choose call me to validate Whats App on that mobile.

2. How to Send .apk & .exe, .pdf And More Files

If you download an app called CloudSend, you can send apk, exe, pdf and other files that are otherwise not allowed for sharing on Whats App.

3. How to Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

Open the WhatsApp application on your phone and go to Settings. Here choose 'Change number on your WhatsApp'. All you need to do now is type in the old number and then the new number.

4. How to Stop Automatic Media Download in WhatsApp

You can do this by going to Settings, then choosing Chat Settings and then the Media auto-download option. It's easier now, but earlier you would have had to download an entire app to do this.

5. How to Disable WhatsApp Last Seen Time Stamp

This is one of the newest additions to WhatsApp. You need to go to Settings, Choose Privacy and then Last Seen. It allows you to show your last seen time stamp to contacts, everyone or no one.

6. How to Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chats

Although WhatsApp creates automatic backups of your chat conversations, you can also do this manually from the app's Settings menu. Go to Settings and choose Chat Settings. Here you will find the Backup Conversations option. Whats App also restores your messages when you use a new device. 

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