Sublime Text 3 perfect PHP development set-up

This is follow-up arti­cle to Sub­lime Text 2 per­fect PHP devel­op­ment set-up. I decided to write this updated ver­sion, because from some time now Sub­lime Text 3 is out there. Maybe it is still offi­cially beta, but works pretty sta­ble and I’m using it for few months now.

This list is almost the same as in pre­vi­ous arti­cle — most of plu­g­ins I used with ST2 have been updated in order to work with ST3 and I stopped using few of them, so they are out. I’m kinda lazy, so some of descrip­tions are copy-pasted from pre­vi­ous article ;)
Any­way, here is the list:
  1. Pack­age Con­trol (
    Thanks to this lit­tle piece of soft­ware all other plu­g­ins are eas­ily installed.
  2. Sub­lime­CodeIn­tel (
    This is pack­age I use all the time. Its job is to pro­vide hints related to func­tion, object, vari­able etc. names. It also hints what meth­ods and para­me­ters are avail­able in objects/classes. It’s based on Komodo CodeIn­tel and some­times it has some prob­lems work­ing at all. But most of the time it rocks :)
  3. Sub­limeLin­ter (
    This pack­age does full-time job for me — it con­stantly watches what I write and instantly lets me know if some­thing is not OK, for exam­ple I for­get semi-colon or brackets.
    From ver­sion 3 and up, Sub­limeLIn­ter has become mod­u­lar. This means, that you have to install main pack­age first, and then plugin/module for every lan­guage you need sup­port for. Each plu­gin has it’s own set of require­ments, so please make sure you read them thoroughly.
    For PHP + JavaScript devel­op­ment I’m using:
  4. Side­BarEn­hance­ments (
    Pro­vides great new options when right-clicking on side­bar ele­ments (files/folders). Very convenient.
  5. VCS Gut­ter (
    Lately I don’t imag­ine work­ing with­out this one. Every day I use Git and Mer­cu­r­ial and this plu­g­ins gives me real-time infor­ma­tion about what was changed (or added/removed) in cur­rent file using sym­bols in left-hand edit win­dow gutter.
  6. SFTP, paid (
    Great pack­age enabling very com­fort­able use of SFTP, FTP and FTPS. It sup­ports remote fold­ers brows­ing, edit­ing and syn­chro­niza­tion between local and remote files. Also reg­u­lar upload, down­load pn save or file open.
  7. Tor­toise (on Win­dows only) (
    I use it as a com­ple­men­tary pack­age to Side­Bar­Git if I’m work­ing in Win­dows envi­ron­ment. It doesn’t have so many fea­tures but those what it pro­vide are very help­full and intuitive.If you like Tor­toise Git but you are work­ing on Linux you might want to check out Rab­bitVCS. It isn’t inte­grated with ST2, but it pro­vides com­fort­able right-mouse-click Git GUI.
  8. sublime-github (
    Every devel­oper should use code snip­pets of some kind. I use Gist pro­vided by GitHub and this pack­age enables me to use them instantly (save/paste).
  9. Tag (
    It is fine plu­gin, but now ST3 sup­ports tag match­ing, so I don’t need it any more.
  10. Php­Doc (
    Great plu­gin aid­ing writ­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion docblocks for PHPDocumentor.
  11. Phpcs (
    This pack­age adds sup­port for PHP_CodeSniffer to ST2. It checks if you code is writ­ten accord­ing to one of the stan­dards. Just pick one: Zend, PEAR.. and more :) Check out PHP_CodeSniffer web­site for con­fig­u­ra­tion details.
  12. Trail­ing­Spaces (
    Small hor­ror of every code — empty spaces at lines ends, at the end of file. Espe­cially trou­ble­some if you are work­ing on the code with other devel­op­ers, who might use dif­fer­ent editors/IDEs which might inter­pret them (empty spaces) differently.
  13. Brack­etHigh­lighter (
    Same sit­u­a­tion as with Tag plu­gin. In my every­day cod­ing ST3 bracket high­light­ing capa­bil­i­ties of ST3 are good enough. It is still great plu­gin though.
  14. Sub­lime Func­tion Name Dis­play (
    Dis­plays in bot­tom bar name of a func­tion (or method) in which our cur­sor is placed. Sim­ple and helpful.
  15. Ter­mi­nal (
    Using Git or maybe some PEAR pack­ages you might need to switch to con­sole from time to time and do some magic. Maybe use Zend Tool or “bake” some­thing ;) It’s just what this plu­gin is for.
  16. Xde­bug Client (
    Lately my favorite Xde­bug client for ST3. Works great and allows to use all of Xde­bug debug­ging capabilities.
Few sup­port­ing pack­ages. I con­sider them optional, but they come in handy:
  1. LineEnd­ings (
    Nice to have plu­gin if you are work­ing with other devel­op­ers using Win­dows and Unix/Linux machines. It takes care of dif­fer­ent (invis­i­ble) line end­ing char­ac­ters in those systems.
  2. Sass (
    This one comes in handy when work­ing with Sass files. Syn­tax high­light­ing and so on.
  3. Plain­Tasks ( added thanks to Virion’s com­ment
    Great tool for every­one who like to have their tasks orga­nized, flex­i­ble with many great features.
  4. Sub­limerge ( thanks to Virion’s com­ment
    Diff tool on steroids. Ideal for every­one who has to do a lot with merg­ing, espe­cially use­ful when it comes to large files.
  5. Dash­Doc ( only)
    This one is for Mac users only and only for those who have Dash installed, but I really rec­om­mend it. Dash pro­vides access to docs of almost every major library, frame­work etc. and so much more! With this plu­gin you can access it directly right from Sub­liem Text code win­dow with key­board short­cut. It really speeds up coding.
That’s it for now. I might come back and some­thing later, but this is my set-up and works great for me.


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